optimal air circulation
drywin shoedryers will be benificial for your wellbeing and for a healthy life in a dry enviroment..

Important Information:
The health effectsof cold and wet feet are still underestsimated.
Cold feet are often the precursor of arthritis!
Quite often the result ends up in back pain, joint inflammation, soft tissue discomfort, funghi and allergies!
Where the care of wet clothes is common, shoes are normally neglested.
Common solution like shoes (strechters) or newspapers and drying shoes by the fireplace ( not possible in summer) are not as effective as air drying.
Wet shoes are an El Dorado for funghi and they can effect the shoes of your entire family.
It is know that the rate of illnesses such as colds, joint inflamation, sinus infections, kidneys, muscvles and joints due to wet shoes will incrase significantly.
simple opreration
...in line with modern healthpractices daily care of shoe hygene should have a place in your daily life !!!